Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Who the hell is this kid?

Posted in Uncategorized by kdoenges on January 20, 2010

I am Kelsey Doenges,  a sarcastic Scrantonian, former dancer, avid reader, crochet guru, and pop up book collector. I love Fleetwood Mac, probably way more than I should. I have one signature dance move that goes with pretty much every song. I do a pretty good Jerri Blank impression, and also a good impersonation of David Sedaris impersonating Billie Holiday.  I let my snaking habits get the best of me. And despite my greatest fears, I am my mother’s daughter, telling you the way it is, pronouncing things wrong, and smoking a pack of USA Golds with the best of them (Okay,thankfully  not the last part).

And down to business…  I am a sophomore magazine journalism major with a passion for storytelling (especially the old school kind, where everyone is gathered around a campfire). To get to the corny part of this entry, I just want to tell stories about seemingly ordinary people and allow them to feel extraordinary when reading them, because it is my firm belief that everyone has a good story to tell.


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