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What You Make From It.

Posted in Uncategorized by kdoenges on February 9, 2010

I live a lavish life of being ordinary. The majority of my time is spent finding my way out of the piles of homework I acquire, the occasional leisure reading, crafting of all kinds, and listening to This American Life. Impressive, right? Well, I thought that through this essay, I could give everyone a peak into the world so many are after. I take extreme pride in everything I make, so I am playing off that idea. The life I lead only becomes what I make from it, literally and figuratively.

I am currently reading “Dubliners” by James Joyce. I have always been intimidated by Joyce because everyone seems to have him on this very high pedestal; however, I am trying to make the best of it, and surprisingly enjoying it.

My sister and I met up on Sunday at the Reading Terminal Market, in search of some fresh produce.

We then walked from Center City to her apartment in South Philly. We made a delicious home cooked meal straight out of my grandmother’s cookbook. It was almost like tasting home, many miles away.

But I only found myself back in my dorm, greeted by the pile of books on my desk; however, I did tackle them, making it a very productive Monday afternoon.

I recently stumbled upon a recipe for deep-fried cupcakes and conveniently, my roommate owns a deep-fryer. So we made these delectable treats on Tuesday. Lets just say, they did not last long.

About a week ago, I tagged along with my best friend and her family to a trip to Brooklyn. I felt it necessary to send some type of thank you, and I know they are all fond of tea. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to make this fabric tea cup. Inside is a tea bag that houses the actual thank you note. Along with that, I sent a box of real tea and a homemade scarf, in hopes that these things would keep them warm through the cold month of February.

I dreaded the threats of snow over the weekend, until I realized that it was the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch a movie. And then cabin fever struck. I get dressed in so many layers, I could barely move, and endured the cold for some quality time in the snow. My friends and I tried our bests to make a snowman, but were beyond unsuccessful.

My two friends, Ben and Jerry, are coming all the way down from Vermont to visit me this Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than excited to see them this holiday season, but I am still trying a more optimistic approach. So, I made some Valentine’s to send out to the loves of my life. You know, my mom, grandma, and maybe some others.


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