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A Week of Randomness

Posted in Uncategorized by natashashapiro on February 17, 2010

My life doesn’t often make much sense, or follow any kind of chronological narrative.  My weeks usually consist of an array of random events, both significant and mundane, which is why I decided to use an eclectic group of photographs.

I spent a few days in Stevensville, Maryland...also known as the middle of nowhere.

My boyfriend, Raphael. Two minutes after taking this picture he attempted to steal the "Cockey Ln" sign. Let's just say he didn't succeed.

Back home in Philadelphia, I admired the snowflakes from the warmth of my room.

In the morning, I have a habit of turning on the lights and making unnecessary noise, which is never very fun for Raphael. In fact, I'm pretty sure he hates it.

Inside a used book store I like to go to.

I got bored on the drive home one night. Though it doesn't really look like anything, this is actually car and street lights.

I work at the restaurant, Pod, and this is my co-worker, Jess. She seems happy, but I promise she's secretly thinking about the place burning down.

This is my puggle, Banksy. And sorry Colin- I think Franklin has some very serious competition.

My living room, where it's not uncommon to find discarded mattresses and other wonderful things.

My one roommate, Charles. I live with seven boys, and they take Rock Band seriously. Very seriously.


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