Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

An Infograph to Drool Over by Kelsey Doenges

Posted in Uncategorized by kdoenges on February 17, 2010

So, I shall set up the situation. You walk into coffee shop and stand before a very elaborate list of drinks. You squint your eyes and scratch your head as you jump between the Macchiato and the Americano, because you have no idea idea what either is, but both sound impressive and will surely up your sophistication when ordering either drinks.  You don’t want to ask an employee the difference between any of these drinks because you are certain they will look down on you and talk about you to their fellow coworkers as soon as you walk away. Well, worry no more! This infograph is definitely going to change your life, or at least how you order your coffee.

It enters into the “awesome atmosphere” because it is equally as informative as it visually appealing. It’s as frank as my mother, telling you exactly what the difference is between an espresso versus the more popular espresso con panna. I also really enjoy the colors they picked when designing it. And also, the fact that each “ingredient” has its own consistent color. For example, espresso is orange, and whipped cream is a light blue.

It’s simple and brilliant, and relieves you from all anxiety when ordering your next cup of joe.


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