Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Magazine — Josh Boden

Posted in Uncategorized by joshboden on March 16, 2010

Though this is not the ‘flashiest’ cover I’ve ever seen, there is something about it that I find extremely captivating. It’s the haunting background, with menacing clouds and desolate rolling terrain fading into darkness on the horizon — in the place of the typical solid-color backdrop. It’s the organic colour scheme of earthy brown, grays, and blues. And, most of all, it’s Jeff Tweedy himself, with his disheveled hair, casual pose, and almost confrontational stare. The intensity of his stare in the quiet storm around him is, in my opinion, arresting. And I love how they let him stand out right at the front of the page with no text obscuring, as if the words stepped aside to make room as he entered the frame.

My magazine is going to be about the Canadian music scene in all its underrated glory. There are a lot of Canadian artists that I thoroughly enjoy, but most are obviously indistinguishable from similar American acts. I just want to focus specifically on artists (big and small, all genres) from the Great White North. A possible title? NorthernMusic


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