Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Natasha’s Sample Magazine Cover

Posted in Uncategorized by natashashapiro on March 17, 2010

I chose this magazine cover because it managed to demonstrate what appeals to me not only visually, but content wise as well.  I love that the photograph is completely capable of standing on its own.  The color scheme works well, especially with the blue and yellow complementing one another, and the image is both aesthetically and compositionally pleasing.  Visual aspects aside, the magazine is also the closest example of the genre I want to create for my magazine.  I plan on doing a travel magazine, titled “Vagabond.”  Unlike Conde Nast travel magazines, or others just like it, I have no interest in featuring a model-esque women on the cover, in a bikini, standing in a beautiful endless swimming pool, or lounging under a cabana, or running into the ocean.  Call me crazy, but this is not only obnoxious, but obnoxiously repetitive and predictable.   My magazine would also not feature articles about ritzy resorts and restaurants to go to.  “Vagabond” would be about real people, traveling to real places, experiencing real cultures…not about the certain breed of individuals who prefer to spend an unnecessary amount of money in order to fly thousands of miles away to confine themselves within walls, never realizing there’s people living in third-world conditions just beyond them.


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