Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Magazine Cover

Posted in Uncategorized by elliotimani on March 23, 2010

In the title I used contrast and repetition to make the first part of the title stand out. I also used the yellow color to contrast from the rest of the title and stand out from the background. I got the yellow color from a star on the gift bag at the bottom of the page. I also used ‘leading’ in the title to bring each line of the text closer together.

I continued to use the script font found in the title in the first sell line, so the information in this line would stand out as being the main topic for this issue of the magazine. The underlying text in the first sell lines up with all the text underneath to illustrate one of the CRAP principles of design, Alignment.

The color in the first line in all of the sell lines matches the color from the title and the star on the gift back at the bottom. Because my dog is looking towards the bag on the right I put all the sell lines on the right side to shift focus to the picture and the text.


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