Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Amy Stansbury’s Magazine Cover

Posted in Uncategorized by amystansbury on March 24, 2010

My magazine is a spoof of Cosmopolitan magazine.  I modeled everything from the design to the actual photo off of a typical Cosmo and then added in my own headlines that mock the story lines found in Cosmo.  I entitled my magazine Fake because it represents the kind of girls who would read it, girls who are just trying to be like all of the carbon copy celebrities on the covers of most glossy magazines.  I hope that my magazine points out some of the absurdities of women’s magazines, such as their obsession with good looks and “pleasing your man.”

In the design aspect of the magazine I used the color wheel website that professor Jacobson showed us in order to choose the three dominant colors that I used-pink, purple, and turquoise.  I wanted to use brighter colors to balance the black of the title and of the model’s outfit.  Also, as a women’s magazine, I thought that the bright pink was both appropriate and eye-catching.  I also used repetition in my design by using the same font throughout.  I utilized contrast in my choice of colors, using both vibrant and dull colors to balance out by design.  I also used contrast by changing the font size for words that should stick out, such as SEX.  Finally, I made sure to align the left side of the page along the same invisible grid line in order to make the cover appear more neat and professional.


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