Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Cherese’s Magazine Cover

Posted in Uncategorized by cnbrown89 on March 24, 2010

I decided to do a magazine targeted for the young adult ages (16-24) that have an interest or that are interested in the arts. (Film, Graphic Design, Dance, Music, Fashion etc.)  I focused more on teens and young adults that are more involved in “hip-hop” culture  with the music, fashion, dance, and such, but those who aren’t really interested, there are still helpful articles to read like “how to impress the exects to hire you for a job or internship”.   What I did was I found a rather old, condemned building  in South Philadelphia and found a trash can blown over and used that element in the picture to represent the “gritiness of the city”.  I then used my boyfriend as the model, since his fashion sense is concidered artsy/urban, and created the illusion of him spray painting on the wall.  Spray painting is commonly associated with the “urban artist” that uses the streets as his canvas. So, I wanted to portray that side of culture.   


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