Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Ian Darrenkamp’s Magazine Cover

Posted in Uncategorized by Ian Darrenkamp on March 24, 2010

Hey, so this is my magazine cover for an Experimental Photography magazine. F-Stop is a primary function of a camera, so the title is a play on that. I chose a pretty distracting picture for the background, but I found it visually stimulating, so I wanted to see if I could make it work as a cover. I went for as clean of a cover as I possibly could, as I didn’t want any more distractions than there already were. I made as distinct of an alignment as possible along the left-hand side of the cover, and I kept all of the text below the Cover article confined to the space it created so that it creates a clear path for the eye to follow. I just threw the address box on there as a little extra something, as all of my magazines that I get at home have them. Also, in an attempt to make things less distracting, I had the text outlined so it was easy to read, along with it having a drop-shadow, which you can’t notice TOO much in this, but it certainly helped create more contrast so you could make out the text. The cover image was taken by me in Lancaster during spring break.


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