Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Natasha Shapiro

Posted in Uncategorized by natashashapiro on March 24, 2010

I decided to do a travel magazine that encourages real people traveling to real places.  I wanted it to be the opposite of other travel publications that focus mainly on resorts, the covers usually depicting typical beach scenes and half-naked women.  I titled my magazine, “Vagabond,” because in one word, I managed to show exactly who the magazine is aimed towards, and exactly what it aspires to be about.  I chose this picture I had taken in Costa Rica of the Arenal volcano because I thought it was interesting and visually pleasing, yet not distracting from the title and the text.  I’ve always really liked that Vanity Fair puts a quote on every cover, so I decided to use a very fitting quote from nineteenth century travel writer, Samuel H. Hammond.  I wanted the text to be simple, yet aesthetically pleasing, so I tried not to use extremely busy fonts.  I also felt that the colors of my actual photograph are bright and pleasing, so I used mostly white text, but decided to draw more attention on the title by choosing a darker gray color that balances with the dark gray of the rocks on the bottom of the photograph.


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