Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Amy Stansbury Magazine Layout

Posted in Uncategorized by amystansbury on April 14, 2010

The story that I chose to do was, 20 Reasons You Should Hate Yourself if you don’t look like me.  Like my magazine cover, I made the article a parody of Cosmopolitan magazine and listed reasons why normal women should hate the way they look (and obviously over exaggerated a bit for comedic purposes).   Throughout the project I tried to keep the principles of CRAP in mind.  I provided contrast by making the numbers a different size, font, and color from the rest of the text in order to make them really stand out.  I also did the same thing for my pull quote in order to achieve the same affect.  I used repetition by using the same fonts and colors throughout and placing the majority of my text in an orderly list.  I used alignment by making sure that my two columns of text were arranged exactly next to each other.


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