Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Cherese’s Magazine Spread

Posted in Uncategorized by cnbrown89 on April 14, 2010

This is an article from my magazine I created called Urban Arts.  What I decided to do was to add a spolight for young artists trying to make it in the industry. Almost like an underground hype.  The magazine picks artists (whether in fashion design, graphic design, painting, sculpting, film, music, etc) from the city to interview them so that they can be further recognized for their accomplishments and also get a buzz.  I chose my friend Tanisha who attends the Art Insititute of Philadelphia.  She’s a graphic design major and the few photos on the 2nd page of the spread is actually work of hers.  When looking at this article, the use of CRAP is highly in effect.  I chose the the main text colors of red and black because it matched with Tanisha’s shirt.  I decided to bold the interview questions in red to show contrast.  The pull quotes were also contrasted with different font and size of the normal text.  I also descided to add a tiger print background to the 1st page of the spread just to make it pop and look like its almost a book on a table.  I had alot of fun with this project.


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