Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Magazine Layout

Posted in Uncategorized by elliotimani on April 14, 2010

For this layout I used repition with the color screens and the title font.  I used a script font to grab attention to the title, but to also contrast between the title and the subtitle. I continued the use of repetition in the title at the top of the page. The “D’s are in a script font, and gold color that matches the color screens.

I used the screens to increase the contrast on the page, an make the blank background more interesting. in the title at the top of the page contrast is also used between the script font of the ‘d’s’ and the serif font in the rest of the word.

Alignment- In all of the columns on both pages all of the text is aligned. Everything is left aligned, except for the center alignment if the subtitle on the main page. The text on the 2nd page is center aligned to add emphasis, and further the contrast between it and the rest of the text.


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