Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Freelancer Website

Posted in Uncategorized by elliotimani on April 21, 2010


I chose this website, because there are parts of it that I really liked and parts that I thought were awful. The home page is very simple and uninviting. Although the home page uses reverse type with white text on a black background it does not attract attention. At the bottom of the page, the various photographs are broken down into 5 categories. 2 Categories featured on the home page on the navigation bar are for pricing and contact. Because he is a wedding photographer I think these are what users of this page will want to know the most.

After clicking on a photo category all of the pictures are featured in thumbnails so you can pick which pictures you would like to see in a full size. You can also click on the main picture, and the next picture will come up until you have reached the last picture. Overall, this website contains all the necessary information and is easy to navigate but it isn’t very interesting visually.


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