Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Website Requirements

Posted in Uncategorized by cmlenton on April 21, 2010

Web Site Assignment

Due: FRIDAY, May 7th

150 points

Objective: To create a four-page portfolio website, including a main page, logo (which you can create in Photoshop, InDesign or Dreamweaver), menu, and three secondary pages, using the basic web design principles taught in class and the tools of Dreamweaver learned in lab. To hand them in, you will post the link to your site onto your class blog.


Design (75 points)

Does your site’s design reflect the principles taught in lecture and the tools learned in lab? How well did you apply the CRAP model? How well did you work with color and type? Do each of the pages work as a unit? Do the pages work with one another?

Effectiveness (25 points)

How well is the information on your site presented? How well are you represented through the pages that you built and the information you included?

Functionality (25 points)

Do the items on your site work? Do the links in your menu guide you to the appropriate pages?  Did you title each of the pages?

Sketch (15 points)

Did you put some time and thought into a sketch that resembles the final product?

Paper (10 points)

How well did you explain why you made the design moves you made?


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