Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Using Dreamweaver as an FTP

Posted in Uncategorized by cmlenton on April 28, 2010

For several of the projects we will need to upload to our astro space. Here is how to do that.
To upload and manage your site using dreamweaver use the following the steps :


Select new site from the site menu to begin.


If its not the default, select advanced at the top and then fill in your information for your local drive. This should point to your thumbdrive if you're not on your own computer. It is ultimately the folder in which all of your website files are stored.


After selecting your local root folder, click Remote Info on the left and fill in your astro account information. Do not forget to select SFTP. Hit Ok after you've tested it successfully.


You might at first see a small window to the right that looks like this, in order to upload your final site files select the expand button at the far right.


Once you've expanded the window you should see an FTP window that looks like this. Click the button indicated to connect to your astro server.


Once connected successfully you will see your local folders on the right and the remote folders on the left. Place your website files into the astro account on the right. Once that's complete your site should be live and on the internet.


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