Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Becky’s Website

Posted in Uncategorized by rkerner on May 7, 2010


I tried to orient my website design around Williams’ CRAP principles. I varied size of fonts and colors to create contrast. I repeated my logo on each page, as well as my footer, to create a cohesive feel for the page.  I also used columns on the “Home” page to create repetition. Alignment is present because I consciously tried to line all my images up with one another to make the website look more organized. I did use center alignment often in the site, but it seemed necessary for where the alignments were needed. Proximity is conveyed through the different use of orange and purple.

I also used links a lot in the site.  My email address in the footer links directly to my email address. Also, on my “Home” page, all the images below my navigation bar link to the section they fall below.  In addition, in the red “Other Clips” box on my portfolio page, the names of those stories link to Word documents of those actual stories, as to minimize the amount of scrolling needed. Finally, the names of my news stories on my “News” page link to the actual article.  I also utilized the “form” on Dreamweaver to insert my resume in an organized way.



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