Spring Design For Journalism Section 2


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– Here is the finished project. Honestly, it took me a very long time to finish the website, and although I am not completely satisfied with it, I learned a lot through the process. I think I can greatly improve it over time and with more experience.

I tried to keep the site clean and simple in order to keep viewers on my page. I feel as though the small color palette keeps the site organized. The black, white, and purple contrast nicely. I also used bolded words in order to separate categories, which related back to proximity of information. Nothing was out of place. I kept everything flush right for alignment, and I kept the same header and side column for repetition.

In my Bio section, I wrote a small description about me as a journalist, how I got into writing, and what I hope to do with my future. In news, I put up my most recent few projects, and as I am only a freshman, I did not have too much material. I also linked all of the pictures in order to conserve space. In the resume section, I kept it short and wrote about my education, news organizations, and other employers. Lastly, I wrote all my contact information. I linked everything back to my homepage through the header, which says my name.

I think my project represents me as a designer because I tend to be attracted to cleaner layouts. When there are too many colors, or I have to scroll around too much, I get distracted. However, I think simplicity is beautiful and it forces the designer to pick and choose the most important aspects of their piece, in this case a website.

Cary Carr


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