Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Amy Stansbury Handcoding 2

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Amy Stansbury’s Website

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Here is my website link:



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Although this website is fairly simple, I thought that it was well done.  I liked that it had news about her work running down the side and an about me in the center. The website does a really good job of showing off her many qualifications and convinces others that she is a true professional.

Amy Stansbury

Amy Stansbury Magazine Layout

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The story that I chose to do was, 20 Reasons You Should Hate Yourself if you don’t look like me.  Like my magazine cover, I made the article a parody of Cosmopolitan magazine and listed reasons why normal women should hate the way they look (and obviously over exaggerated a bit for comedic purposes).   Throughout the project I tried to keep the principles of CRAP in mind.  I provided contrast by making the numbers a different size, font, and color from the rest of the text in order to make them really stand out.  I also did the same thing for my pull quote in order to achieve the same affect.  I used repetition by using the same fonts and colors throughout and placing the majority of my text in an orderly list.  I used alignment by making sure that my two columns of text were arranged exactly next to each other.

Amy Stansbury’s Magazine Cover

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My magazine is a spoof of Cosmopolitan magazine.  I modeled everything from the design to the actual photo off of a typical Cosmo and then added in my own headlines that mock the story lines found in Cosmo.  I entitled my magazine Fake because it represents the kind of girls who would read it, girls who are just trying to be like all of the carbon copy celebrities on the covers of most glossy magazines.  I hope that my magazine points out some of the absurdities of women’s magazines, such as their obsession with good looks and “pleasing your man.”

In the design aspect of the magazine I used the color wheel website that professor Jacobson showed us in order to choose the three dominant colors that I used-pink, purple, and turquoise.  I wanted to use brighter colors to balance the black of the title and of the model’s outfit.  Also, as a women’s magazine, I thought that the bright pink was both appropriate and eye-catching.  I also used repetition in my design by using the same font throughout.  I utilized contrast in my choice of colors, using both vibrant and dull colors to balance out by design.  I also used contrast by changing the font size for words that should stick out, such as SEX.  Finally, I made sure to align the left side of the page along the same invisible grid line in order to make the cover appear more neat and professional.

Magazine Cover- Amy Stansbury

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I chose this magazine cover because it doesn’t use many words but is still extremely eye catching.  The picture is breath-taking and intriguing.  It forces you to look twice at the image and encourages you to open the magazine and continue reading.  I love the way that they flipped the arrangement of the sky and ground and the colors work very well together.

My  magazine title is Fake.  It is a mock magazine that makes fun of women’s magazines like Cosmo and Glamour, that focus on making women as stupid and fake as possible.

Spring Break Infographic- Amy Stansbury

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I chose to create a graph depicting the temperatures in Philadelphia and Daytona Beach, Florida during my vacation to Florida next week.  I used sad faces to represent Philadelphia because it is perpetually cold here and I hate it.  However, I used smiles to represent Florida because it will be warm, sunny, and beautiful there.  I guess I just can’t get spring break off my mind!

Cool infographic-Amy Stansbury

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I chose this infographic because it was easy to read and interesting to look at.  As an avid soda drinker myself, the topic of caffeine is near and dear to my heart, so the picture immediately caught my eye.  The information displayed, especially the fact that most energy drinks can result in caffeine intoxication, was extremely interesting and was something that most people can relate to.  The designer of this graphic found a way to display information that otherwise would’ve taken many words to relate and would’ve been extremely boring to read.

A week in the life of an over-caffeinated runner

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I am not going to lie.  My life is pretty pathetic.  While sleeping in and lounging around are nothing short of  full time jobs for most college students, I hold down a very different job here at Temple University.  I run cross country.  I wake each morning with the sun, greeting the day with a scowl on my face and running sneakers on my feet.   Rain, shine, or blizzard, I can be found trotting around a dilapidated North Philadelphia track every day of the week.  While I cherish few things in life more than the feeling of flying across the finish line of a hard-fought track race, I could most certainly do without the around the clock training.  Luckily, I manage to survive the utter exhaustion that comes with distance running with the help of my best friend- caffeine.  With a can of Coca-Cola and a bag of sugary sweets in hand, I can survive my hectic life, even if it makes me a little crazy as a result.  And so here it is for the internet world’s entertainment- A week in the life of an over-caffeinated runner.

About me: Amy Stansbury

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   Hi, my name is Amy Stansbury and I am a sophomore at Temple University.  I am a magazine journalism major and spanish language minor.  In my free time I run cross country, snack, and take naps.