Spring Design For Journalism Section 2


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– Here is the finished project. Honestly, it took me a very long time to finish the website, and although I am not completely satisfied with it, I learned a lot through the process. I think I can greatly improve it over time and with more experience.

I tried to keep the site clean and simple in order to keep viewers on my page. I feel as though the small color palette keeps the site organized. The black, white, and purple contrast nicely. I also used bolded words in order to separate categories, which related back to proximity of information. Nothing was out of place. I kept everything flush right for alignment, and I kept the same header and side column for repetition.

In my Bio section, I wrote a small description about me as a journalist, how I got into writing, and what I hope to do with my future. In news, I put up my most recent few projects, and as I am only a freshman, I did not have too much material. I also linked all of the pictures in order to conserve space. In the resume section, I kept it short and wrote about my education, news organizations, and other employers. Lastly, I wrote all my contact information. I linked everything back to my homepage through the header, which says my name.

I think my project represents me as a designer because I tend to be attracted to cleaner layouts. When there are too many colors, or I have to scroll around too much, I get distracted. However, I think simplicity is beautiful and it forces the designer to pick and choose the most important aspects of their piece, in this case a website.

Cary Carr



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– I really enjoyed this website for several reasons. First, I think the layout is very clean, making it easy to navigate through. His portfolio is also organized between portraits and music. His contact information is easily accessed, and he has several different websites, which he provides links for. There is not an abundance of information on the site, but I think this approach is more affective and leaves the visitor to follow up on his photography.

Cary Carr

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I decided to switch from a travel magazine cover to a dance magazine layout because it is more of my interest, and I was able to find better pictures for the topic. I tried to use a lot of contrast and repetition in my color palette, with reds, blacks, and whites. I used the same two fonts throughout the piece to keep the design clean and focused. I used right and left alignment, but I think the format worked out nicely. For my article, I decided to write about a dance studio that I attend in Center City. I pulled quotes from their website’s reviews section. Overall, this project may have been time-consuming, but I enjoyed doing it, and I think it turned out the way I wanted it to.

Cary Carr

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The Magazine I chose to do was “Holiday Abroad,” a travel magazine designed to guide people into choosing what countries to go to and what there is to do there. I chose this type of magazine because I have been to France, England, Spain, and Greece. Also because my Mom lived in France for a couple of years, and my Dad has basically been everywhere after being in the airforce.  I took this picture two summers ago when I went on a school trip to France.

When using the elements of design, I tried to make sure repetition was clear. I used two different colors, a slightly gold one and a white one. I also used two separate fonts and tried to keep them consistent throughout the cover. When it came to alignment, I made sure the text was perfectly aligned on both sides, but tried to keep the amount of text on each side equal. I think there is a good contrast between large and small text as well as capital and lowercase levels. Lastly, I used proximity by keeping separate lines of text very close together.

– Cary Carr

Magazine Cover

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I am going to do a Dance Magazine and use a dancer or two from one of my classes as model(s) for the cover. I picked this specific magazine cover as an example because I think the color scheme is simple but works. I also do not think there is too much text on the page that it is distracting, but it is still informative. I also love the picture and the contrast between a classic ballet dancer and the more contemporary hip-hop dancer.

– Cary Carr

Eating Disorder Effects.

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I thought this infographic was well done. Not only is the information interesting, for we can compare the different regions, but aesthetically, it was a fresh idea. The way the different rates of drug use are leveled by color and spelled out puts a twist on the numbers. Also, the design was very organized, specially naming each state in all of the regions. The colors were eye-catching, and I thought there was good contrast between light and dark font choices.

Photo Journalism Project

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I am constantly on the subway, usually on my way to or from Koresh Dance Studio.

    I am surrounded by beautiful dancers/artists, who inspire me with their strength and flexibility.

    Another talented dancer, here at Temple. Between learning choreography, we stretch and practice techniques independently.

    Dancing ends up being involved in my weekends too. I can never have fun at a party unless there is good music and lots of movement.

    DJ's end up being pretty important. I would much rather listen to unique music than the typical hit-of-the-moment rap song.

    Sometimes we end up back in the dorms, where I spend my time with my closest friends, the people most important to me.

    The thing that makes me happiest is seeing my best friends in love. These are two of the people that mean the most to me, and their relationship is really inspiring.

    He makes it easier for me to relax at the end of my week.

    At the end of the day, I come home to my cozy bed, and "fluffers."

    About Me.

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    Hey – I’m Cary. I’m a freshman and journalism major. I’m from Ridley, PA. I’ve been dancing since I was three years old, and it is by far my biggest passion. I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee. Love listening to music, all types, and cannot go a day without it. In the future, I hope to write for a dance magazine and possibly start my own. You can always find me laughing, smiling, or making a fool of myself, and nothing makes me happier than seeing other people smile as well.