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Cherese’s Magazine Spread

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This is an article from my magazine I created called Urban Arts.  What I decided to do was to add a spolight for young artists trying to make it in the industry. Almost like an underground hype.  The magazine picks artists (whether in fashion design, graphic design, painting, sculpting, film, music, etc) from the city to interview them so that they can be further recognized for their accomplishments and also get a buzz.  I chose my friend Tanisha who attends the Art Insititute of Philadelphia.  She’s a graphic design major and the few photos on the 2nd page of the spread is actually work of hers.  When looking at this article, the use of CRAP is highly in effect.  I chose the the main text colors of red and black because it matched with Tanisha’s shirt.  I decided to bold the interview questions in red to show contrast.  The pull quotes were also contrasted with different font and size of the normal text.  I also descided to add a tiger print background to the 1st page of the spread just to make it pop and look like its almost a book on a table.  I had alot of fun with this project.

Cherese’s Magazine Cover

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I decided to do a magazine targeted for the young adult ages (16-24) that have an interest or that are interested in the arts. (Film, Graphic Design, Dance, Music, Fashion etc.)  I focused more on teens and young adults that are more involved in “hip-hop” culture  with the music, fashion, dance, and such, but those who aren’t really interested, there are still helpful articles to read like “how to impress the exects to hire you for a job or internship”.   What I did was I found a rather old, condemned building  in South Philadelphia and found a trash can blown over and used that element in the picture to represent the “gritiness of the city”.  I then used my boyfriend as the model, since his fashion sense is concidered artsy/urban, and created the illusion of him spray painting on the wall.  Spray painting is commonly associated with the “urban artist” that uses the streets as his canvas. So, I wanted to portray that side of culture.   

Cherese’s Chosen Magazine Cover

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I chose this Time cover of Micheal Jackson commemorating his death.  The small text and the use of negative space is simple and to the point.

A possible magazine that I would like to make, would be called “Urban Arts” specifically concentrating on young up and coming fashion designers, musicians, photographers, film directors, or anything that has to do with the arts.

Cherese’s Infographic

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Cherese’s Cool Infographic

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I thought it was interesting  that this loan company is everywhere even more than McDonald’s.  I’m guessing that people are really going through some major hard times with this recession.

Basically what my life consists of lately…

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After reviewing this, I’ve come to realize that eversince school started…my life pretty much revolves around it. SCHOOL AND SNOW SHUTS EVERYTHING DOWN!  I’ve been taking the back burner… but here’s a glimpse.

My mornings usually start off with..."UGH! It's morning already?"

After the daily personal hygiene, its time to pack...and


My life is sooo on SEPTA since the car is DEFINITELY not in my budget.

Class, Class, Class...and more class. Just the life of a college kid.

Class, Class, Class...and more class. Just the life of a college kid.

D-O-N-E with classes for the day. Now I'm headed for a STUDY DATE!

Calling the BOYFRIEND to confirm it. "Hey, come outside and let me in!"



When studying gets a little too hard...what do we do to break the madness!? Me and the hubby DANCE! =D

Ok. It's getting late! Gotta head home...bye Tony. (boyfriend)

Home Sweet Home! Good NIGHT folks...going to hit the sheets for another "exciting" day.

Hey, my name is Cherese

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I’m new to this school and I just transfered from Widener University.  I came to major in Broadcast Journalism but I found that it  was just NOT MY CUP OF TEA so, I switched to film.  My main goal is to ultimately become a film director.  My first dream job would be to direct music videos for Hip-Hop artists since I love the music, well

more so OLD SCHOOL HIP HOP.  After that, I would want to finally begin starting on movies.  I picture my film sense of style would be kind of like a cross between Spike Lee

and Quentin Tarantino. One of the main reasons why I decided to skip the whole journalism thing and get into the film world was because I’ve been bitten hard by the creative

bug and I feel like a female voice should be heard since there is slim to none sitting in the director’s chair.  I also would like to use my films and videos to help out the

younger generation because I feel like there is a lack of self-love in both young girls and boys.  I feel like parents shouldn’t just sit their kids in front of the televsion without

telling them what goes on in the ACTUAL WORLD…not TV WORLD.  Its my duty to help someone and not just go along with the crowd just for mindless

entertainment.  Well, I guess that’s pretty much it.  Hopefully I’ll get an “A” in this class!  BYE!