Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

My Site

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Here is the link for my portfolio site. http://astro.temple.edu/~tub55943/index.html

I used repetition in this site using the same logo and color scheme on every page. I included links to all of my writing samples, and I created a separate page for each sample. Because I have an acting resume as well as a regular work resume, I posted my work resume on the site, and posted a link so my talent resume can just be downloaded. I had a lot of technical difficulties, but I believe I fulfilled all the requirements.


Freelancer Website

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I chose this website, because there are parts of it that I really liked and parts that I thought were awful. The home page is very simple and uninviting. Although the home page uses reverse type with white text on a black background it does not attract attention. At the bottom of the page, the various photographs are broken down into 5 categories. 2 Categories featured on the home page on the navigation bar are for pricing and contact. Because he is a wedding photographer I think these are what users of this page will want to know the most.

After clicking on a photo category all of the pictures are featured in thumbnails so you can pick which pictures you would like to see in a full size. You can also click on the main picture, and the next picture will come up until you have reached the last picture. Overall, this website contains all the necessary information and is easy to navigate but it isn’t very interesting visually.

Magazine Layout

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For this layout I used repition with the color screens and the title font.  I used a script font to grab attention to the title, but to also contrast between the title and the subtitle. I continued the use of repetition in the title at the top of the page. The “D’s are in a script font, and gold color that matches the color screens.

I used the screens to increase the contrast on the page, an make the blank background more interesting. in the title at the top of the page contrast is also used between the script font of the ‘d’s’ and the serif font in the rest of the word.

Alignment- In all of the columns on both pages all of the text is aligned. Everything is left aligned, except for the center alignment if the subtitle on the main page. The text on the 2nd page is center aligned to add emphasis, and further the contrast between it and the rest of the text.

Magazine Cover

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In the title I used contrast and repetition to make the first part of the title stand out. I also used the yellow color to contrast from the rest of the title and stand out from the background. I got the yellow color from a star on the gift bag at the bottom of the page. I also used ‘leading’ in the title to bring each line of the text closer together.

I continued to use the script font found in the title in the first sell line, so the information in this line would stand out as being the main topic for this issue of the magazine. The underlying text in the first sell lines up with all the text underneath to illustrate one of the CRAP principles of design, Alignment.

The color in the first line in all of the sell lines matches the color from the title and the star on the gift back at the bottom. Because my dog is looking towards the bag on the right I put all the sell lines on the right side to shift focus to the picture and the text.

Magazine Cover

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I picked this magazine cover because I like covers that have a lot of open space and little writing. I like how the title is integrated into the main image as well. The contrast between the red in the logo and the black and white background and image quickly catches the eye and intrigues the reader.

My magazine will be about Animal Health. I will probably focus on the various illnesses that plague certain breeds of dogs. The title will probably be called “Doggy Days”

Elliot Griffin Infograph

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Infograph: Fox News

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This infograph was featured on Fox News. It shows the results of an opinion poll from their audience on who will represent the Republican party in the 2012 Presidential elections. Each possible candidate is separated by colors so it is easy to read.

Photo Essay: From here to there… A Week of Travels

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My plane heads to the gate to take me from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.

Through West Virginia

In the car driving from Pittsburgh to Columbus,Ohio. West Virgina marks the halfway point between the two cities.

Almost to my final destination

Welcome to Columbus

Finally made it! Now its time to get ready for the party.

The family came together and decorated the venue before the birthday girl arrived.

The guest have arrived. My cousin Charles tosses the balloon around with cousin Jaynetta.

I am attempting to hold my cousin Alexis still for the picture.

Goodbyes are always hard. My mom hugs my sister JaQuelynn as she leaves for the airport.

About Me: Elliot Griffin

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Hi, my name is Elliot Griffin I am currently a sophomore broadcast journalism major. I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, but my family now lives in Pittsburgh,PA. When I’m not in school I am normally volunteering with various political candidates and issues.