Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Josh Boden Website

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After no small amount of trouble, here is my website. I worked hard to make a consistent theme for easy navigation, but I varied it enough to make each page visually pleasing and interesting.



Portfolio Site — Josh Boden

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I stumbled upon this portfolio when I was making my magazine cover. I really like all the work that this photographer has done, and I found her portfolio very useful and easy to navigate. It’s incredibly simplistic, which I think is a strength and a weakness. The lack of distracting text or graphics really help her images stand out, which is obviously what she’s trying to sell. At the same time, the links are so small that it’s not immediately obvious how to navigate around the page.

Magazine Spread — Josh Boden

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I really didn’t have much of a vision for this when I began, but as I clicked around and started to learn all the stuff InDesign can do, it just started coming together. Again, I was fortunate to have a great picture to work with for page 1 of my spread. I based the color scheme for the rest of my spread on the colors I saw in that image. Obviously I couldn’t interview Mr. Green, so I watched a YouTube interview and took my pull quote from that. Other than that, all my images came from cityandcolour.ca, photo credit to Vanessa Heins. Probably the most difficult element to work with was just finding the balance between creating a visually interesting piece and also making the text easy enough to read. But, after all that, I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Josh Boden Magazine Cover

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Hello all. Though I study in the United States of America, I am a citizen and proud resident of Canada. That’s obviously very important to me, as is my interest in all things music. My magazine was created to highlight the vibrant music industry of the Great White North. There are many great Canadian music acts, but for good reason they tend to relocate to places like Brooklyn, Nashville, and Los Angeles to find success. This magazine will appeal to Canadians with a passion for music and pride for homegrown artists. It should also appeal to music fans in general.

My cover features a prominent artist named Dallas Green, also known as City and Colour and a member of Alexisonfire. I found this fantastic picture on his website. The gray background of the image really makes Dallas himself stand out on the page. I didn’t want to distract from that too much, so I limited the text that covered his body and tried not to add distracting colours. To add a sense of harmony, I made the title, Northern Music, the same colour as his shirt. 

Magazine — Josh Boden

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Though this is not the ‘flashiest’ cover I’ve ever seen, there is something about it that I find extremely captivating. It’s the haunting background, with menacing clouds and desolate rolling terrain fading into darkness on the horizon — in the place of the typical solid-color backdrop. It’s the organic colour scheme of earthy brown, grays, and blues. And, most of all, it’s Jeff Tweedy himself, with his disheveled hair, casual pose, and almost confrontational stare. The intensity of his stare in the quiet storm around him is, in my opinion, arresting. And I love how they let him stand out right at the front of the page with no text obscuring, as if the words stepped aside to make room as he entered the frame.

My magazine is going to be about the Canadian music scene in all its underrated glory. There are a lot of Canadian artists that I thoroughly enjoy, but most are obviously indistinguishable from similar American acts. I just want to focus specifically on artists (big and small, all genres) from the Great White North. A possible title? NorthernMusic

Infographic — Josh Boden

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I found this really fascinating. This is how time the average American spent their time in 2004. I’m sure things have changed slightly since then, but the data is still pretty staggering. These days we can do virtually all of things using one medium — the computer. These sure are interesting times…


Infographic – Josh Boden

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This infographic from a TIME Magazine online feature is effective for several reasons. Firstly, this graphic is obviously not static, but is an interactive experience. The user can explore numerous layers of data, but the information is organized so well that this process incredibly simple and user-friendly. The information is also extremely interesting and well-presented. This, my friends, is a treat to the eyes and the brain.

the week.

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The extraordinary is seldom seen in a week in the life (or mine, at least). So I decided to look at the ordinary, and explore the beauty that’s often ignored. Here are some “everyday spectacles.”

Oh, say does that blue-dyed banner yet wave?

Beautiful old church on the way to everywhere. Makes me feel kind of medieval.

Waiting for class, enjoying the scenery.

Look out for the friends at the end of the tunnel.

Making mirrors out of underground wall tiles. Don't worry, I know that guy creeping in the back.

The mural I gaze at when homework has me down.

The most important part of the day, and a companion through every week.

The end.

Josh Boden

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Hi. I’m a sophomore psychology student with a minor in journalism. I’m actually a student of Messiah College in Harrisburg, but I’m spending one semester studying here at Temple. I’m also from Canada. It gets a little confusing.

I enjoy music very much, listening and playing. I also love studying the Bible and trying to make sense of what it says. I’ve only lived in Philadelphia for a week, but it’s been great so far. Oh and I think Mac computers are confusing.