Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

A cool website

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I found this site via stubleupon.com awhile ago, and I really like it. Its main page is very simple and prominently features the work of the artists, and maintains a very professional look. I think it’s a great way to show off the quality of their work. It first shows a variety of photos, then videos, and under that more specific pieces like wedding photos. I think this main page immediately allows the viewer to see their work, and it shows off the best of it. It also includes other helpful information like their clients, twitter feed and various ways to contact them. It also gives information about the artists that are part of the Duck Duck Collective. Overall, I just think the simplicity of the design is what makes it a successful website.


Spring in Philadelphia

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I chose to do a spread of the “Spring in Philadelphia” story I put on my magazine cover project. The colors I used in my layout were mostly inspired by the ones found in the photographs. I like this overall, but I wish I had been able to make it look a bit more professional. I had trouble with the spacing above and below my pull quote, so that looks a little uneven. However, I had a lot of fun with taking the photos, and I think they do a good job at representing some of the best spots in Philly in the spring.


Magazine Cover

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So my magazine was meant to be a Philadelphia culture/lifestyle magazine. I wanted to do some kind of illustration for it, so I drew out some caricatures and traced them in Photoshop. I’m not really sure if it worked out or not, but it was pretty fun to try. I guess I gave it a slightly gritty grungy look to match the characters I drew.

Magazine Cover

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I really like this magazine cover, because it is based off of a classic propaganda illustration from World War II. The original poster said “We can do it!” and encouraged Americans to work hard in order to support the troops in tough economic times – this modernized version has a similar message, as the caption says – “Americans want to help their community…” ect. I love how the artist modernized the woman, putting her hair down and giving her an ipod. It is a very American image that many people automatically recognize, and it sends a clear message.

My magazine will be about Philadelphia culture and arts. I am not completely decided on the title, but it may be something like “Phila Life”. I plan on creating an illustration for the cover, which is why I used the above image as an example of the type of magazine covers I like.

My Infographic

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I decided to show how prices for movie tickets in the United States have increased over the years, since they’re crazy expensive now. Here’s the source I used: http://www.natoonline.org/statisticstickets.htm

Awesome Infographic

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I chose this infographic because it’s really creative. I think the subject matter, though not necessarily important, is pretty unique, and representing the completion of crossword puzzles in this way is pretty amusing. The creator color coded the completed clues (green = completed, white = noncompleted) vs. the noncompleted clues, and then transferred those colors to very simple graphs below each layout, which gives the viewer two different ways of viewing how well the creator did on each puzzle. It doesn’t hurt that I love doing the daily crossword as well; just another reason this is an awesome infographic.

A Week In My Life

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This past week, I visited my cousin (and her dogs), my family and my grandmother, and then had some fun in the snow!

My cousin Heather:

Her dog Roscoe:

My Grandma and I:

My mom, dad, and Heather:

Back in the city, my friends and I visited First Friday in the snow:

Sam Gray

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About Me

Hi, I’m a sophomore here at Temple University. I just switched to Journalism last semester; I used to be a film major.
I grew up in Lancaster County and went to Garden Spot High School. I’m hoping to go on to do something involving writing, art, or design…but I haven’t narrowed it down any further yet.

Some of my interests are drawing, painting, hiking, and reading