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Kelsey Doenges and her website

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So, here’s my website in all of it’s glory. Honestly, I have never been happier to finish a project, um EVER. But I am pretty pleased with the final outcome, and got done just what I wanted to. I really hoped to incorporate things about me and the work I have done. Yeah, so click around and stuff.


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loop’s cover story

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This is the cover story for Loop’s magazine. The story is all about yarn bombing, and once again I tried to keep the layout simple, and not have too much clutter the space. I really really like white space and I like things to be clean. I took the “fire” from another picture of the yarn bomb I took, and photoshopped it so that it became the ‘O’ in bombing, and used another picture I took from the photo shoot that day. I got permission to use the photo on the right, which showed readers an example of what yarn bombing looks like.

loop by Kelsey Doenges

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I decided to make a crochet magazine for young hip people. It is titled Loop because that is what you must first do when starting any crochet project, and where is a better place for ideas, than a crochet magazine? The picture on the cover will go along with the cover story that I will write for my layout. It is about yarn bombing, and therefore, I made a “yarn bomb” and carried it around with me for a day, taking pictures of it in “urban areas” because that is generally where yarn bombing occurs. For those who don’t know what yarn bombing is, here’s a definition for ya, since I obviously didn’t create the layout yet. It is crocheting in public spaces, around things like poles, trees, cars, bike handles, you know, whatever you wanted really. I really just wanted to keep the magazine pretty simple, and I also wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a typical boring old grannie crochet magazine.

my favorite magazine cover- kelsey doenges

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I have always enjoyed this cover of The New Yorker. It’s beyond simple, and that’s what makes it work. It was designed to relay the emptiness of the city now that the twin towers are not there, and it totally works. It’s certainly a place where words don’t need to be said at all. The image is successful in doing the job all on its own.

I think that the magazine that I will create will be all about crocheting. I am going back and forth from calling it “Stitches” or “Stitch to my Loop.” I don’t really know yet. I don’t remember if we needed to think of articles to write about for the magazine, but I came up with them anyway. Two articles I thought of writing for it would be, “I am Not Your Grandma” and the other is, “10 Patterns Leaving You in Stitches.”

Where’s Starbucks?

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Here is my beloved infographic. It’s an ongoing joke that there’s a Starbucks on every corner in any big city, BUT IT DOESN’T STOP THERE. Nope. Thanks to my infographic, you can clearly see that Starbucks is taking over the world.


An Infograph to Drool Over by Kelsey Doenges

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So, I shall set up the situation. You walk into coffee shop and stand before a very elaborate list of drinks. You squint your eyes and scratch your head as you jump between the Macchiato and the Americano, because you have no idea idea what either is, but both sound impressive and will surely up your sophistication when ordering either drinks.  You don’t want to ask an employee the difference between any of these drinks because you are certain they will look down on you and talk about you to their fellow coworkers as soon as you walk away. Well, worry no more! This infograph is definitely going to change your life, or at least how you order your coffee.

It enters into the “awesome atmosphere” because it is equally as informative as it visually appealing. It’s as frank as my mother, telling you exactly what the difference is between an espresso versus the more popular espresso con panna. I also really enjoy the colors they picked when designing it. And also, the fact that each “ingredient” has its own consistent color. For example, espresso is orange, and whipped cream is a light blue.

It’s simple and brilliant, and relieves you from all anxiety when ordering your next cup of joe.

What You Make From It.

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I live a lavish life of being ordinary. The majority of my time is spent finding my way out of the piles of homework I acquire, the occasional leisure reading, crafting of all kinds, and listening to This American Life. Impressive, right? Well, I thought that through this essay, I could give everyone a peak into the world so many are after. I take extreme pride in everything I make, so I am playing off that idea. The life I lead only becomes what I make from it, literally and figuratively.

I am currently reading “Dubliners” by James Joyce. I have always been intimidated by Joyce because everyone seems to have him on this very high pedestal; however, I am trying to make the best of it, and surprisingly enjoying it.

My sister and I met up on Sunday at the Reading Terminal Market, in search of some fresh produce.

We then walked from Center City to her apartment in South Philly. We made a delicious home cooked meal straight out of my grandmother’s cookbook. It was almost like tasting home, many miles away.

But I only found myself back in my dorm, greeted by the pile of books on my desk; however, I did tackle them, making it a very productive Monday afternoon.

I recently stumbled upon a recipe for deep-fried cupcakes and conveniently, my roommate owns a deep-fryer. So we made these delectable treats on Tuesday. Lets just say, they did not last long.

About a week ago, I tagged along with my best friend and her family to a trip to Brooklyn. I felt it necessary to send some type of thank you, and I know they are all fond of tea. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to make this fabric tea cup. Inside is a tea bag that houses the actual thank you note. Along with that, I sent a box of real tea and a homemade scarf, in hopes that these things would keep them warm through the cold month of February.

I dreaded the threats of snow over the weekend, until I realized that it was the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch a movie. And then cabin fever struck. I get dressed in so many layers, I could barely move, and endured the cold for some quality time in the snow. My friends and I tried our bests to make a snowman, but were beyond unsuccessful.

My two friends, Ben and Jerry, are coming all the way down from Vermont to visit me this Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than excited to see them this holiday season, but I am still trying a more optimistic approach. So, I made some Valentine’s to send out to the loves of my life. You know, my mom, grandma, and maybe some others.

Who the hell is this kid?

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I am Kelsey Doenges,  a sarcastic Scrantonian, former dancer, avid reader, crochet guru, and pop up book collector. I love Fleetwood Mac, probably way more than I should. I have one signature dance move that goes with pretty much every song. I do a pretty good Jerri Blank impression, and also a good impersonation of David Sedaris impersonating Billie Holiday.  I let my snaking habits get the best of me. And despite my greatest fears, I am my mother’s daughter, telling you the way it is, pronouncing things wrong, and smoking a pack of USA Golds with the best of them (Okay,thankfully  not the last part).

And down to business…  I am a sophomore magazine journalism major with a passion for storytelling (especially the old school kind, where everyone is gathered around a campfire). To get to the corny part of this entry, I just want to tell stories about seemingly ordinary people and allow them to feel extraordinary when reading them, because it is my firm belief that everyone has a good story to tell.