Spring Design For Journalism Section 2


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Lana Adams-intriguing website

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I really like this site because it pulls you in as soon as you arrive. You don’t have to sit through a long intro or anything. His work is what brings most people to the site, and that’s what you see as soon as you click “GO”. I love the pictures and the way the site is set up. Everything is right there in front of you, you don’t need a tutorial on how to navigate around or anything. He has a tab for booking info, and when you click a nice, handy little form appears where you can fill out exactly what you’re looking for so he can respond to you accordingly. I thought this site was well designed and construct as well as visually pleasing.


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I had fun with this assignment. Once I found a picture that went with the article theme everything else was history. I liked playing around with the different fonts and colors to really personalize the magazine. I used only two colors for the font so that it wasn’t too busy but I played with the sizes so that the magazine didn’t become too busy. One of the challenges was getting the quote placed in the right place and sizing it so that it was visible but eventually I figured it out.I also had a good time writing the article. It allowed me a lot of creativity.


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I did my magazine cover on a New Years Eve party I hosted this year. I took the picture and really liked it and said it should be a magazine cover so this assignment was perfect for it. I liked it because there are so many different things going on in this picture but they are all so typical of the “party life”, or at least any party I’ve ever been to. People talking, texting, drinking, and looking completely uninterested in what’s actually going on around them. I thought it was cool that you can see people in the mirror too, that added a little style to the picture and the face the boy is making opening the bottle is priceless. The way the title comes out of the photo also adds to the design and was very challenging to get it to work.


Lana Adams-Magazine Cover- “Triumph”

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I wanted to focus on the Temple’s Men Basketball head coach Fran Dunphy. He has really achieved a lot including being named both Big 5 and Atlantic 10 “Coach of the Year”. I thought that would be an interesting cover with the team being in the NCAA tournament and with all of the recognition Coach Dunphy is receiving for getting them there.

-Lana Adams

My favorite magazine cover

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I really like the way that TIME magazine captures a person’s face. I think Michelle Obama looks really beautiful in this picture and you can see her strength. I want to create a cover in which the picture says more than the text and can be interpreted. A possible title for my magazine could be “Truth “.

-Lana Adams

The things I do with my I-Phone

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My Digital Life Infographic

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I liked this infographic because I thought it was an interesting and informative way to look at the disaster in Haiti. It shows how much financial aid Haiti has received and narrows it down to the exact dollar amount each country has donated. It even shows each country’s ranking. The infographic shows celebrity donations and donations from major corporations and uses pictures to represent the different areas. It is not the most colorful graph but it held my attention and made we want to read the information so I thought that was pretty cool.


School, Snow, and Work

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Everyday starts with a good breakfast, okay maybe not everyday but the really good ones do.

Shoes: Uggs are worn to school, Rainboots for the snow, and Red Sneakers for Work.

My favorite part of the day! Production meeting with OwlSports Update.

Getting ready for the show doing camera and sound checks.

Making sure the anchors are ready.

My big brother came to take me to work in the SNOW!!

I had to sit in the back because I couldn’t get throught the snow on the passenger side of the car!

This guy decided to use a different mode of transportation.

Off to work I go 😦

I finally get to work…that made five of us.

Even the store manager was surprised I came in!

About ME

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I am a Junior, Broadcast Journalism major. I am interested in writing, editing and producing news and I want to produce documentary films in the future. I currently volunteer on OwlSports Update here at Temple where I am able to hone my journalism and reporting skills. I have anchored on OwlSports and produced a show. I hope this class will help me become more creative and learn how to take the things I produce to a new level.