Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

My choosen website

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Kathy Chee’s Website

I like this website because it shows you what she’s up to right away, and its easy to find her portfolio. Since its laid out like a blog its also modern looking.

-Lee Miller


Lee Miller’s Magazine Spread

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Lee Miller magazine cover

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This is my magazine cover, I wanted to do a magazine with as little as possible on the front cover. I personally find those magazines the most intriguing, and tend to pick them up to leaf through. I think a magazine that doesn’t hide its cover photography behind a whole lot of text usually takes the photographic content seriously. I took this picture last month at Tokyo Fashion Festa at the end of NYC Fashion Week. The girl is one of my friends from S.V.A.

The Japanese text says “A-me-ri”, then the last symbol is the pictorial symbol(Kanji) for style which is pronounced “Kei”


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Japanese music magazines have a habit of throwing as much stuff onto their covers as they possibly can. Its silly, because they usually dump a whole bunch of time and money into photo shoots to go with their featured articles and interviews. This cover shows a lot more restraint. It’s also my favorite band of all time, ZI:KILL, on the front.

For my magazine, I’m going to do something with American Japanese bands. There are quite a few Japanese(nationality, or just influenced by) groups working out of Baltimore, NYC, Boston and California. I’d call the magazine AmeriKEI. Kei is the Japanese word for style, and Japanese marketing loves portmanteaus.

Infographic: Best Selling Japanese Albums

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In Japan the price for a CD has been about 30 dollars since the medium has entered the market. So it makes sense that most of the best selling albums in Japan are “Best of” collections. At 30 dollars a pop it makes sense to just pick up an album with all the hits on it.

The Japanese company that handles the sales charts, Oricon, is notoriously secretive about actual figures. I’m surprised I found such a list.


-Lee Miller

Homeruns and PEDs

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This comes from a website called Flip Flop Fly Ball. I’m a huge baseball fan, so this infograph caught my eye.

An Exciting Day in Philadelphia

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Lots of interesting stuff happened on February the 3rd, so I just had to use that day for my photo package.

For that week’s paper I written a preview article on two Japanese bands that were coming to Philadelphia for the first time. I was also writing about the actual events for the next weeks papers. Two events; a mini-performance/autograph signing and a full concert.

When I got back from my dorm to get ready for the event, I saw my new laptop had finally arrived after getting caught in customs and arriving late. But there was no time to play with it!

But there’s always time to take off my hat and take a peak at the news. (Old newspapers tend to pile up on my couch)

When I’m in a hurry, dinner consists of ramen and tea.

When I got to the record store there were already many people in colorful costumes waiting to see the bands.

People crammed in between the CD shelves to see the band, there wasn’t a stage or anything for the band to perform on. They were just going to stand in front of us.

I managed to get a good spot in front of everyone because I was press. I got out my Canon 40D and an external flash and snapped some shots. They only played one song per band so I had to be fast.

After their brief performance they wiggled through the crowd over to their autograph tables to give autographs in exchange for buying an album.

Fans hung around for a while talking, when I finally left I just made the last train. I was the only one in the station.

-Lee Miller

(Tech details. Cameras: Olympus SP-550, Canon 40D. All images hosted on my web space)

Lee Miller

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Hello, I’m a third year photo-journalism student. I transferred from YCP before last semester. I blog about photography and Japanese music. I’m from Baltimore City and have the required love for seafood.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor during New Year’s fireworks.
Details: f/5, 1/5sec exposure, Iso 640, 28mm