Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Natasha’s Website

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Like everyone else, I encountered quite a few problems with Dreamweaver, but after spending some time (days) working with it, I became a lot more comfortable with the program.  I really wanted my website to have an original concept and design, and I think I was able to achieve it.  I’m really happy with the way everything turned out, and I’m hoping it’s a project I can later expand on.


London through a Lens

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I wanted my spread to be very simple, so as to not take away from the photographs in the article.  As I was designing the layout, I used the main articles in Vanity Fair as a source of inspiration.  Their articles are usually very text heavy, the fonts are usually fairly simple, and they seem to mainly just use black.  Instead of being boring, I find this to be a very visually pleasing and professional looking approach.  I think the design lends itself to the photographs, instead of being distracting and taking away from them.  I didn’t have a relevant article already written, and I didn’t want to stick something random in and have people assume it was the accompanying text, so I just inserted a bunch of random French sentences, so it would still look like it made sense without drawing attention to it.

Natasha Shapiro

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I decided to do a travel magazine that encourages real people traveling to real places.  I wanted it to be the opposite of other travel publications that focus mainly on resorts, the covers usually depicting typical beach scenes and half-naked women.  I titled my magazine, “Vagabond,” because in one word, I managed to show exactly who the magazine is aimed towards, and exactly what it aspires to be about.  I chose this picture I had taken in Costa Rica of the Arenal volcano because I thought it was interesting and visually pleasing, yet not distracting from the title and the text.  I’ve always really liked that Vanity Fair puts a quote on every cover, so I decided to use a very fitting quote from nineteenth century travel writer, Samuel H. Hammond.  I wanted the text to be simple, yet aesthetically pleasing, so I tried not to use extremely busy fonts.  I also felt that the colors of my actual photograph are bright and pleasing, so I used mostly white text, but decided to draw more attention on the title by choosing a darker gray color that balances with the dark gray of the rocks on the bottom of the photograph.

Natasha’s Sample Magazine Cover

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I chose this magazine cover because it managed to demonstrate what appeals to me not only visually, but content wise as well.  I love that the photograph is completely capable of standing on its own.  The color scheme works well, especially with the blue and yellow complementing one another, and the image is both aesthetically and compositionally pleasing.  Visual aspects aside, the magazine is also the closest example of the genre I want to create for my magazine.  I plan on doing a travel magazine, titled “Vagabond.”  Unlike Conde Nast travel magazines, or others just like it, I have no interest in featuring a model-esque women on the cover, in a bikini, standing in a beautiful endless swimming pool, or lounging under a cabana, or running into the ocean.  Call me crazy, but this is not only obnoxious, but obnoxiously repetitive and predictable.   My magazine would also not feature articles about ritzy resorts and restaurants to go to.  “Vagabond” would be about real people, traveling to real places, experiencing real cultures…not about the certain breed of individuals who prefer to spend an unnecessary amount of money in order to fly thousands of miles away to confine themselves within walls, never realizing there’s people living in third-world conditions just beyond them.

Natasha Shapiro’s Infograph

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I’m an avid traveling enthusiast, and unfortunately, I feel it’s something many people fail to take advantage of.  Even though we’re in a recession and many people are not as financially stable as before, there are still ways to travel in a manner that is more money conscious.  The price of airfare and hotel rates for popular destinations often increase and decrease dramatically with the months and seasons.  I decided to emphasize this fact by using a Forbes article for the key information (http://www.forbes.com/2010/02/23/affordable-vacation-discount-lifestyle-travel-cheap-travel-tourist.html), and then creating a calendar that maps out the cheapest months to travel to some of the priciest travel destinations.

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Marchelle’s infographic

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Why pie charts are awesome…

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I think the reason I chose this pie chart is pretty self explanatory.  Most of the info-graphs I found were boring, and this not only caught my attention, but now I’m forced to repeatedly sing the song in my head.  And now you are too…

A Week of Randomness

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My life doesn’t often make much sense, or follow any kind of chronological narrative.  My weeks usually consist of an array of random events, both significant and mundane, which is why I decided to use an eclectic group of photographs.

I spent a few days in Stevensville, Maryland...also known as the middle of nowhere.

My boyfriend, Raphael. Two minutes after taking this picture he attempted to steal the "Cockey Ln" sign. Let's just say he didn't succeed.

Back home in Philadelphia, I admired the snowflakes from the warmth of my room.

In the morning, I have a habit of turning on the lights and making unnecessary noise, which is never very fun for Raphael. In fact, I'm pretty sure he hates it.

Inside a used book store I like to go to.

I got bored on the drive home one night. Though it doesn't really look like anything, this is actually car and street lights.

I work at the restaurant, Pod, and this is my co-worker, Jess. She seems happy, but I promise she's secretly thinking about the place burning down.

This is my puggle, Banksy. And sorry Colin- I think Franklin has some very serious competition.

My living room, where it's not uncommon to find discarded mattresses and other wonderful things.

My one roommate, Charles. I live with seven boys, and they take Rock Band seriously. Very seriously.