Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Becky’s Website

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I tried to orient my website design around Williams’ CRAP principles. I varied size of fonts and colors to create contrast. I repeated my logo on each page, as well as my footer, to create a cohesive feel for the page.  I also used columns on the “Home” page to create repetition. Alignment is present because I consciously tried to line all my images up with one another to make the website look more organized. I did use center alignment often in the site, but it seemed necessary for where the alignments were needed. Proximity is conveyed through the different use of orange and purple.

I also used links a lot in the site.  My email address in the footer links directly to my email address. Also, on my “Home” page, all the images below my navigation bar link to the section they fall below.  In addition, in the red “Other Clips” box on my portfolio page, the names of those stories link to Word documents of those actual stories, as to minimize the amount of scrolling needed. Finally, the names of my news stories on my “News” page link to the actual article.  I also utilized the “form” on Dreamweaver to insert my resume in an organized way.



Freelancer website critique

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This free lancer’s website was good overall, but lacked in certain areas.  His main page is very boring looking.  It has a very small bio about, and a photo, but not much else.  It is also not appealing to the eye at all, and he doesn’t have a logo. He also has several of his words on the main page link to other websites, but they seem to have nothing to do with what he is talking about.  That is kind of confusing.  On the other hand, he clearly states that he is a free lance web designer.  He also has his other pages clearly marked at the top of the page, so people can easily maneuver to a sub-page. That header remains on each sub-page, which is another good quality. Two main things that stood out for me as being quit lacking were the fact that he didn’t have contact information on there anywhere, just a form to fill out for him to contact you.  There was also no way of getting back to the main page unless you just kept pressing the back arrow.  Overall, it was missing a few important items, which was surprising since he says he is a web designer, but he had much of the important information.

Becky Kerner’s Magazine Spread

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For my magazine spread, I wanted to keep it consistent with the theme of my magazine.  I used lots of contrast between colors and even a bit between fonts.  I wouldn’t normally think to make the background of a magazine spread black, but because of the nature of my magazine, I thought it worked.  I also incorporated the red and black theme from the cover. Repetition was present with the repeating of the red color throughout the two pages, which also livened up the spread. Alignment was important for my text, as well as the different boxes that I created for text.

Becky’s Favorite Magazine Spread

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I chose this spread as a favorite of mine because of its overall simplicity. It would likely be quite simple to create, but it still looks very professional and appealing to the eye.  There is contrast in the vibrance of colors compared to the gray background, and definitely between the title “Africa” and the text. It is also interesting that the text curves with the line of the camera.

Magazine Cover- Becky Kerner

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My magazine is a niche travel magazine pertaining only to New York City. The magazine has a very contemporary and urban feel, but also excited the traveler about New York’s uniqueness. I used a picture of Time Square which I took last weekend as the image because it is vibrant and interesting at which to look.  I also used Photoshop to bring out the colors even more so for this image to make it more eye-popping. Because the picture is so busy, I wanted to keep my sell lines and fonts somewhat basic and minimal.  Tall Paul is a very urban-looking font, so I chose that for the logo and tied it in with select sell lines.  Then I used a basic font for the other sell lines, switching it up with Tall Paul to keep it interesting but also create a general theme.I didn’t want to exceed two fonts because it would have made the cover too busy. I did, however, vary my font between sell lines in order to emphasize certain parts. I also added several effects to the layers so that the fonts would stand out more and have even more personality.

I chose red and black as font colors because they are bold and stood out, but also tied in well with the other colors. I used the pen tool to select the same red from parts of the cover picture so that they would match. The color combination added to the general theme of urban tourism and vibrant colors.  By the way, I chose the overall  theme of being bold and alive because it matches the city of New York well, and represents the city. I was also sure to vary between red and black between each sell line in order to emphasize certain words. For the INSIDE SCOOP and Best of Broadway sell lines I used overlapping leading for an added visual element. I also varied some kearning of letters.

I used alignment and repetition in the INSIDE SCOOP and Best of Broadway sell lines, using the same layer style for these two and aligning them to the right of the page.  In addition, I used repetition between fonts and colors to make the cover easier to understand and for organizational purposes. Contrast was present between the black and red fonts, as well as between the gray boxes and their backgrounds, and font colors. Contrast, in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of the magazine cover, especially one with a vibrant and contemporary theme. So, it is constantly repeated over the cover, each piece being in contrast with those around it.  Proximity is important for the placement of my sell lines and information.  I didn’t put any too close to one another because I didn’t want it to be hard to differentiate between sell lines, but the two that looked similarly I put right on top of each other to create unity.  I also wanted to use as much white space as possible.

Magazine stuff-Becky Kerner

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I think I will do a travel magazine cover, more specifically city traveling, and try to get a neat picture this weekend while in NYC. Potential names are City Life, A World of Cities, or NYCity.I enjoy the below magazine cover because of the enormous contrast between the black and white, and also the seemingly “painted” text adds an interesting effect. It is simple, but still intriguing. It also has a large amount of white space to work with, if they wanted to add more information on the cover.  http://media.photobucket.com/image/travel%20city%20magazine%20covers/fashionblogger/2009/aliona_doletskaya_blacksquare_cover.jpg

Becky Kerner Infograph

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Photo Essay, Becky Kerner

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Hi, my name is Becky.  I am a sophomore Journalism student (here at Temple-obviously.)  I’m not entirely sure which path I am going to take in the major, but I am thinking magazine will suite me best.  I am from about 30 minutes outside of the city, aka the ‘burbs.  My journalistic interests lie in bringing attention to undeveloped counties, poor neighborhoods, and the people of these areas. I also enjoy nature, so writing for National Geographic is my fall-back plan—ha! I have a weakness for chai tea lattes though they do a number on my wallet, and hope to do pilates or yoga most days this semester.