Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Tariq Lee Website

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Well here’s my website it took my all night but its finally finished its basically a freelance website in order to get me consultant work or possible job in the future. I had a lot of pdf files that went with my work but it was difficult to find pictures of me writing so i added some pictures where i was just having fun. Had a lot of technical difficulties but i was able to get this last project finished. Being a writer i think my blog was pretty boring but i did my best to make it interesting for the class.


Infograph of Top Scorers in NBA

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My infograph depicts the top five scores in the NBA as of yesterday. A few weeks ago the NBA had its annual All-Star Game and all of those players were voted in as starters in this game. The top four players teams’ are in the top half of the conference with the playoffs coming up in less than two months. I love basketball so I felt this was a way I could share some statistics with my classmates

Race In Professional Sports

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I chose this info-graph because it shows the percentages of races in the four major professional sports. Basketball and football being predominately black and baseball and soccer are predominately white. The graph is very interesting because these kind of percentages aren’t given out on an everyday basis. It could also be helpful to one that is curious on what percentage of Hispanics play basketball. A figure that surprised me a lot seeing as I thought the NBA had more than 3 percent Hispanics.

A Week of Preparation For A Meet

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Early Mornin Practice

Joke Time After We Cool Down

Training Room For Treatment...Always A Good Laugh

Have To Get Lunch In You After A Six AM Workout

Time To Show Out

Penn State National Invite

Look Mom We're On TV

My Boy Derrhyl and I

Vic The Show

Catching Some Z's Before My Race

Tariq Lee – News-Ed Major & Member of TU Track

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Hello, my name is Tariq Lee I am a junior at Temple University news-editorial journalism major and a member of Temple Track & Field. I plan to be a sports writer or broadcaster upon my graduation.

I am the only child and I was born and raised in Washington, DC. I transferred to Temple in January of last year from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My prized possession is my red nose pit-bull Maggie.

I enjoy running track, writing, playing basketball, and chilling with my boys when I go home.