Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Katie Tully’s Website

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Here is my website. I had a hard time with it–dreamweaver is a complicated program. Overall, I’m satisfied with the finished result although there are a few minor issues.


Cool Website

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I love this website because it’s a unique and interesting idea. The page is simply laid out and easy to navigate. It’s not too cluttered but contains a large amount of information. The font and colors are kept simple, which I like in a website.

Kaitlin Tully’s magazine cover

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Although this project was quite time consuming, I had fun with it. Once I developed my idea, I played around with indesign until I was finally happy with my spread. I obtained permission to use the pictures from Sheila Lennon, an author and photographer for Ohio.com. I tried to utilize CRAP as much as I could, although it was harder with a two page spread rather than just a cover. My main issue was that my project contained too much text. I tried to place the text neatly around the images so as to avoid clutter. Overall, I actually enjoyed working with indesign more than I did with photoshop, and overall enjoyed this project.

favorite 2 page spread

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I chose this spread because I loved the way it was set up and the colors. I think it used CRAP extremely well and is extremely eye catching.

katie tully’s magazine cover

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My magazine is a typical fashion/beauty magazine targeted to young women.  I chose this type of magazine because it would be the type I would normally pick up off the shelves, and the type that my close friends relate to. I used a picture of my roommate at the beach that  I took last summer because I wanted to create a summer issue. The beachy background provides a laid back and fun mood, which is exactly what I was trying to create.  I wanted my magazine to be exciting yet relaxed at the same time, and I think that the beach background and cute pose of my roommate, Sam, is able to express that.  I chose the title ‘Bella’ because it means beautiful in Italian and is a pretty word that I felt would draw young women to my magazine.

I chose the font colors in an interesting way.  I wanted to use beach colors, so i used the blue in Sam’s shirt for the title.  Although the blue is pretty, I knew I couldn’t just use one color for the entire cover.  I noticed Sam’s lips were a pretty pink, and decided that would be a great contrasting, yet visually appealing choice for some of the text. I also used black to add just a little bit more to the cover.  The bar code I used was easy to find online and I inserted it just to add a more professional feel to my cover.

I used alignment in the way that I set up my different texts around Sam’s body.  It was easy to figure out a way to make the different sell lines appear aligned in the right way.  I used repetition with the same three font colors and the same two font styles.  I found the font used in the title on dafont.com, because I didn’t want my magazine cover’s text to be too boring. As above mentioned, contrast was used with the blue and pink fonts. Proximity was difficult to deal with because of the way Sam’s body was not centered, but I think I managed to place the sell lines appropriately around her. Although there was no ‘white’ space, I wanted to fill the beach scene around her without drowning it out.  I originally planned on using one or two more sell lines, but the magazine then looked to crowded. By omitting those, I think the use of space around Sam was used in the best way it could have been!

My favorite magazine cover

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I came across this magazine cover a few weeks ago while looking up some things about Lady Gaga. It is the Elle cover for March in India, and it stuck out in my mind so I decided to post it as my favorite cover. I love the way she is posing, and the way her head takes the spot of the first L in ‘Elle’. I also think the different texts are awesome, and are sure to capture the attention of readers. This is the way I would like to go with my magazine cover. A possible name could be ‘After Dark.’


My Infograph – Kaitlin Tully

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I decided to choose healthy cereals to compare so that everyone can start their day the right way! Special K turns out to be the healthiest!

Pie Chart

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I picked this pie chart because it is extremely interesting. The chart is big in size and contains an abundance of information. There are many different intriguing statistics in this chart. For example, the second largest expenditure for an average consumer is transportation. I also picked this pie chart because it is appealing and easy to read.

A typical week for me!

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On Sundays, I like to start my week off by spending time with my family. These are my parents and my two little brothers.

In my spare time, I like to watch movies and television, read books, and listen to music.

My roomates also like to watch television and movies in their spare time. When we don’t have any studying to do, we all watch together!

Because my roomate and I have the same major, we like to do most of our studying together at our apartment.

I like to exercise every day on the weekdays. Sometimes I go to the gym, sometimes I like to run, and sometimes I do workout DVDs at home.

My roomates and I like to hang out with our next door neighbors in the evenings during the week. We always have a good time.

I like to paint and repaint my nails several times during the week.

On the weekends, my three roomates and I like to get ready together and go to parties to let loose and have fun!

We also like to meet up with friends at the parties we go to or the bar!

Kaitlin Tully

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Hi, my name is Kaitlin Tully, but most people call me Katie. I am a sophomore here at Temple University. I currently major in Journalism but I am pretty sure I’m switching my major to Public Relations.  I like to read and play soccer.