Spring Design For Journalism Section 2

Amy Stansbury Handcoding 2

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Brittany Esser’s Website

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I really had a lot of trouble working with DreamWeaver! I sent what I had in an email on Friday but I continued working on it over the weekend because I had such trouble and this is the best I could do!

Natasha’s Website

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Like everyone else, I encountered quite a few problems with Dreamweaver, but after spending some time (days) working with it, I became a lot more comfortable with the program.  I really wanted my website to have an original concept and design, and I think I was able to achieve it.  I’m really happy with the way everything turned out, and I’m hoping it’s a project I can later expand on.

Jim Rose Website

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My website is as basic as it gets.  The intended audience could be any one.  In this website you will find some information about me, some of the work i have done in this class and my blog, and my contact information.

My Site

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Here is the link for my portfolio site. http://astro.temple.edu/~tub55943/index.html

I used repetition in this site using the same logo and color scheme on every page. I included links to all of my writing samples, and I created a separate page for each sample. Because I have an acting resume as well as a regular work resume, I posted my work resume on the site, and posted a link so my talent resume can just be downloaded. I had a lot of technical difficulties, but I believe I fulfilled all the requirements.

Tariq Lee Website

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Well here’s my website it took my all night but its finally finished its basically a freelance website in order to get me consultant work or possible job in the future. I had a lot of pdf files that went with my work but it was difficult to find pictures of me writing so i added some pictures where i was just having fun. Had a lot of technical difficulties but i was able to get this last project finished. Being a writer i think my blog was pretty boring but i did my best to make it interesting for the class.

Quealeena Walton’s Profile Website

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Below is the URL of my profile website. Dreamweaver is not a user friendly program at all, but im sure with practice it will get easier. In my profile article I incorporated everything a potential employer would look for such as examples of my work, resume, and contact information. I incorporated CRAP in my design also, and the three different type relationships. The most complicated part about this assignment was actually uploading it to the web. Other then that the design part was the easiest part.


Katie Tully’s Website

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Here is my website. I had a hard time with it–dreamweaver is a complicated program. Overall, I’m satisfied with the finished result although there are a few minor issues.


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– Here is the finished project. Honestly, it took me a very long time to finish the website, and although I am not completely satisfied with it, I learned a lot through the process. I think I can greatly improve it over time and with more experience.

I tried to keep the site clean and simple in order to keep viewers on my page. I feel as though the small color palette keeps the site organized. The black, white, and purple contrast nicely. I also used bolded words in order to separate categories, which related back to proximity of information. Nothing was out of place. I kept everything flush right for alignment, and I kept the same header and side column for repetition.

In my Bio section, I wrote a small description about me as a journalist, how I got into writing, and what I hope to do with my future. In news, I put up my most recent few projects, and as I am only a freshman, I did not have too much material. I also linked all of the pictures in order to conserve space. In the resume section, I kept it short and wrote about my education, news organizations, and other employers. Lastly, I wrote all my contact information. I linked everything back to my homepage through the header, which says my name.

I think my project represents me as a designer because I tend to be attracted to cleaner layouts. When there are too many colors, or I have to scroll around too much, I get distracted. However, I think simplicity is beautiful and it forces the designer to pick and choose the most important aspects of their piece, in this case a website.

Cary Carr